2 Towns Ciderhouse Introduces Dragon’s Day Off

On its forthcoming release, Dragon’s Day Off, 2 Towns Ciderhouse brings to market a cider that’s made with dragon fruit, passion fruit, Northwest grown apples, and a touch of hibiscus. Packaged in 500mL, Dragon’s Day Off will debut during the month of May.

Dragon’s Day Off is crafted from fresh-pressed Northwest apples, fresh dragon fruit, passion fruit, and a touch of hibiscus, this snappy cider is headlining the 2022 Limited Release line. This new cider is described as offering deep and elegant dragon fruit flavors married with sharp tropical passion fruit aromas. The result is Dragon’s Day Off offering a dazzling pink hue as bright as its flavor profile.

“The dragon fruit really shines in this cider. It is such an amazing and unique fruit,” said Dave Takush, head cider maker, in a statement. “And coupled with the snappy passion fruit, it makes for very easy drinking –especially on your day off.”

Dragon’s Day Off sits at 5.3% ABV and will be available in 500mL bottles, ½ bbl, and ⅙ bbl kegs through distributors in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Minnesota,  Arizona, and parts of Nevada.