Artisans Cider Summit Debuts during 2024 CiderCon

When CiderCon arrives in Portland, Oregon in mid-January 2024, one of the public events that’ll be the highlight of the annual cider industry conference is Artisans by Cider Summit. This new cider event will take place over two sessions on Saturday, January 20, 2024.

After the close of CiderCon that takes place from January 16-19, Artisans will feature at least 18 of the world’s leading cider producers with 40 selections. Each cidery is recognized for benchmark quality in their respective regions.

“The Artisans event is a unique addition to our festival line-up, designed to provide cider and wine connoisseurs an elevated tasting experience,” noted Cider Summit founder Alan Shapiro. “This is a rare opportunity to showcase cidermaking artistry from around the world. We look forward to welcoming CiderCon visitors as well as Northwest cider enthusiasts and wine drinkers looking to expand their palates.”

Artisans will take place over two sessions, one from 12:00pm-2:30pm and the other from 3:30-6:00pm. Each session will be ticketed separately and is required for admission to the specific session.  Tickets must be purchased in advance. Tickets cost $75+ fees and are available online only at

Each ticket will include a pass to taste each cider as well as food samples from local artisan food purveyors including Portland Creamery, Gluten Free Gem Bakery, Missionary Chocolates, From Grapes & Olives and Blue Star Donuts. There will also be a special Pommeau tasting feature – details to be announced shortly! Bottles to-go will be available in our event store along with Cider Summit festival merchandise.

Anticipated Cider Brands
Bauman’s Cider (OR)
Idol Cider House (OR)
Kristof Farms (OR)
Raw Cider (OR)
WildCraft (OR)
Dragon’s Head (WA)
Empyrical Cider (WA)
Finnriver Farm & Cidery (WA)
Liberty Ciderworks (WA)
Yonder Cider (WA)
Albemarle Ciderworks (VA)
Blake’s East-West Collaboration (MI & OR)
Eden Specialty Ciders (VT)
Haykin Family Cider (CO)
Tilted Shed (CA)
Artisanal Imports (France & UK)
Beauchamp Imports (France)
Trabanco Sidra (Spain)
Visiting Scandinavian Producers
Vida Mate NA (WA)
Pommeau feature (to be announced)

Anticipated Food Partners
From Grapes & Olives
Gluten Free Gem Bakery
Missionary Chocolates
Portland Creamery

Please note – product selections may be subject to change due to unexpected availability issues.

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