Bauman’s Cider Named Top Small Cidery at Great Lakes International Cider Competition

image of Mountain Rose Cider, Bourbon Vanilla Cider, and Strawberry Mojito Cider courtesy of Bauman's Cider
image of Mountain Rose Cider, Bourbon Vanilla Cider, and Strawberry Mojito Cider courtesy of Bauman’s Cider

Grand Rapids, MI – Bauman’s Cider was awarded Small Producer of the Year at the 2021 Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition (GLINTCAP), a global cider competition that evaluates ciders from around the world and recognizes the most outstanding ciders. Since 2005, GLINTCAP has grown to be one of the most prestigious cider competitions, with over 1500 entries this year, from countries around the world.

In addition to being named the top small cider producer, Bauman’s won three “Best in Show” awards, which are given to the top three ciders in each of 20 categories. This includes Mountain Rose, which placed 2nd in Rosé ciders, Bourbon Vanilla Cider which placed 2nd in Speciality Wood-Aged Ciders, and Strawberry Mojito Cider which placed first amongst 151 entries in the Speciality Cider category.

Bauman’s also received a total of seven gold, nine silver and a bronze medal, recognizing the wide range of ciders they are producing.

“As we have grown and expanded the breadth of our ciders, we have stayed true to our focus on making high quality, approachable ciders with as many ingredients as possible coming from Bauman Farms. It’s super exciting for us to see that focus on quality recognized by the judges at Glintcap, especially given the amazing ciders being produced by so many incredible cider makers around the world,” said Christine Walter, owner and head cider maker for Bauman’s Cider.

Bauman’s Ciders can be found throughout Oregon and Washington, or ordered online and shipped to most states at

Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition

Final GLINTCAP results for Bauman’s Cider
Strawberry Mojito Cider — 1st Place/Gold (Best in Show) — Specialty Cider and Perry Bourbon Vanilla Cider — 2nd Place/Gold (Best in Show) — Wood Aged Specialty Cider Mountain Rose — 2nd Place/Gold (Best in Show) — Rosé Cider
Ice Cider — Gold — Ice Cider
McIntosh Single Varietal — Gold — Heritage Cider, Sweet Porter’s Perfection — Gold — Wood-Aged Cider Stephen’s Sweet — Gold — Modern Cider, Sweet
All The Berries — Silver — Fruit Cider
Clyde’s Dry — Silver — Heritage Cider, Dry
Estate Gravenstein – Silver — Modern Cider, Dry
Farmer’s Old Fashioned – Silver — Wood Aged Specialty Cider Loganberry Cider — Silver — Fruit Cider
Old Mule — Silver — Botanical Cider
Peach Raspberry – Silver — Fruit Cider
Porter’s English — Silver — Traditional Cider, Dry
Rosé of Pinot Noir — Silver — Specialty Cider and Perry English Farmhouse — Bronze — Traditional Cider, Dry

About Bauman’s Cider Company
Bauman’s Cider Company was started in 2015 by Christine (Bauman) Walter on her family’s farm located in Gervais, Oregon. The Bauman Family homesteaded in Oregon in 1895 and has been farming in the Willamette Valley ever since. Christine’s great-grandfather Stephen Bauman was known to make hard cider in one of the old barns. While the original recipe has long been forgotten, Christine strives to make cider Stephen would have been proud of, using as many fruits and other ingredients from the farm as possible in her ciders. Bauman’s Cider production and taproom is located at Bauman’s Farm & Garden (12989 Howell Prairie Rd NE, Gervais, OR 97026). For more information visit