Cider Review – Double Mountain Wickson Crab Cider

Double Mountain Wickson Crab Cider served in a BREWPUBLIC glass.
Double Mountain Wickson Crab Cider served in a BREWPUBLIC glass.

Some of our favorite ciders as of late are coming from one of Hood River’s more popular breweries. Yes, Double Mountain Brewery & Cidery has been crafting some of the best cider that has crossed our lips.

The latest release from Double Mountain Brewery & Cidery is the new seasonal cider, Wickson Crab Cider. In producing this new cider Double Mountain used Wickson Crab apples, a small and hardy fruit that make for a very complex yet pleasurable drinking cider.

Wickson Crab apples are a late season crab variety, that offers up very tart yet earth and dry qualities. We are told that when these crab apples are pressed and fermented, most of the flavors carryover to the juice, coming across fuller and sweeter, yet still drying out.

The carbonation is very low, almost still. Its sharp tartness is complimented by a bit of sweetness but nothing that will make a purist cider drinker blink an eye at. Wickson Crab is just an overall well-done cider.

Double Mountain Wickson Crab Cider
“There is nothing small about this variety of crabapple. Wickson is bringing the sweet to balance it’s tart kick. This is acider I am excited to sip-n-savor,” said Rich Dickens, brewer at Double Mountain, in a statement.

Wickson Crab sits at 6.9% ABV and is gluten free. This new seasonal cider is now available in 500mL bottles and on draft at its Hood River Taproom, SE Portland Taproom in the Woodstock neighborhood, and throughout the Pacific Northwest.