Cider Riot! Releases Never Give an Inch Oregon Blackberry Cider in Bottles

Cider RIot! Never Give An Inch Label by John Foyston
Cider RIot! Never Give An Inch Label by John Foyston

Portland’s Cider Riot! has released its latest bottled cider, Never Give an Inch Oregon Blackberry Cider, to many metro area bottle shops this week. Having already caught the attention of area cider fans on draught, this newly released bottled version will be sure to garner more interest amongst the cider community.

“Growing up in rural Yamhill County, I saw folks try to fight blackberries with everything from caterpillar tractors, to goats, to chemicals, fire, machetes, you name it, says Cider Riot! founder and cidermaker Abram Goldman-Armstrong. “The blackberries always came back the next year. Never Give an Inch celebrates that Oregonian resiliency, the ability to carry on against all odds. Himalayan blackberries are a worthy opponent when we pick wild apples for Burncider®, plus they are tasty, so we thought we’d dedicate a cider to them.”

Oregon blackberries and blackcurrants give Never Give an Inch a fruity aroma and flavor and royal purple hue. Fruit flavors and tannins and the dry finish give it an almost wine-like character, though the balanced dry cider is fermented with ale yeast.

The label features one of John Foyston’s “rusty truck” oil paintings. Foyston is one of our favorite beer writers that also delves into oil painting.  “I come upon many of the subjects for my paintings during motorcycle trips on the backroads of Eastern Oregon, Idaho, Montana and the Palouse in Washington, and either paint on the spot or make reference photos,” says Foyston. “The truck in the painting is a ’40s-era Dodge that languishes to this day by the side of Hwy 20 just east of Dayton, Wash. I’m drawn to old trucks and abandonment in general because of the way nature gentles and subsumes cast-off machines and buildings, and because rust, moss and decay create such great colors — the perfect excuse to buy the BIG tube of Gamblin Indian Yellow.”

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For those wanting to sample Never Give an Inch, Cheese Bar will be hosting a free cider tasting this evening, December 4th from  5:30 to 7:30pm. The famous cheese emporium will be hosting an in store tasting that will provide an excellent opportunity to sample Never Give an Inch and the rest of the lineup of Cider Riot! ciders.

Here is the line up of ciders for the evening.

Everybody Pogo, Hoppy Cider
A refreshingly dry cider that’s got hops. Dry and quenching with a hint of sweet apple flavor – organically grown Goldings hops do the pogo dance across your taste buds. Everybody Pogo is a distinctly Oregonian product that mates Hood River apples and Willamette Valley hops. Unfiltered and lightly carbonated, Everybody Pogo pairs well with soft mild cheeses, or young cheddar, and with spicy foods such as yellow curries.

Burncider, Dry Draught Cider
Just like Portland’s old main drag, Burncider has a rich history and flavorful character. Inspired by English pub draught ciders, Burncider blends Oregon-grown traditional cider apples, tart wild apples from the woods of Yamhill county, and dessert apples from Hood River and Yakima Valleys. Fermented with wine and ale yeasts to bring out the nuances of tannin, acid, and flavor from this unique mix of apples, Burncider is the perfect accompaniment for a ploughman’s platter, lamb stew, or an aged cheddar.

Never Give an Inch, Oregon Blackberry Cider
In the spirit of the blackberry bushes that riot across the fences of Cascadia, Never Give an Inch dry blackberry cider celebrates the tenacity of life in the elements. Oregon blackberries and black currants give it a fruity aroma and flavor and royal purple hue. Tannins from the black currants and the dry finish give it an almost wine-like character, though it is fermented with ale yeasts. Try it mulled with holiday spices for a winter treat.

Bogman’s Cranberry Sour Cider
Oregon cranberries and Brettanomyces grown from the skins of cider apples give Bogman’s a tart funky complexity. A blend of over twenty different apples and three yeasts, and aging for over one year make for a deep flavorful cider. Perfect for pairing with a holiday meal, or as a quenching winter tipple.

If you’re looking to take Never Give an Inch to the next level, listed below is a recipe for a special winter warmer provided to us from Goldman-Armstrong. He suggests mulling Never Give an Inch over low heat with the following holiday spices.

2 bottles of Never Give an Inch 1/8 teaspoon cloves,
2 juniper berries,
1/4 teaspoon allspice,
1/4 teaspoon mace,
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg, 1?4 teaspoon mace,
a dash of orange peel.

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We look forward to trying this recipe out!

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