Full Throttle Mead Cider & Sake Tasting

Mead, Cider, Sake, Oh MY! Who says you can’t have it all? We are pleased and honored to welcome Michael H. from B United, one of the importers of so many of our fine beverages. He’s only in town for 3 days, so we’re happy to have him make time in his schedule to come meet you! From beer to braggot, cider to apfelwein, mead to sake, he brings it ALL in for our special orders. We thought we’d try something special this week; We’re going to taste what he brings and we’ll be taking orders for those items we don’t already have available! I’m thinking holiday events & presents…just think, you can get your present shopping done early and have a great excuse to get yourself something special for all your hard work. 🙂

Anyhow, it’s going to be as much a surprise for me as for you, but I am going to try to give you a hint of the types of products I hope we’ll be tasting.

Here a some of the producers I think we’ll be seeing:

* Kuichi Sakes

* Cidre Dupont ciders (I’m hoping to share with you the new triple fermented Cider!)

* Drouin Cider (Normandy)

* Dansk Mjod Meads (like Viking Blod!)

* Makena Meadery (creators of the Iqhilika meads!)

Come, be surprised, taste things you may have wanted to try but never had a chance! Be brave.

We will be tasting these Wednesday, September 29, from 5pm-7pm. Only $3 for all of them! Our usual “be green”offer applies: Bring your own tasting glass and save 1.00!! (Yes, we ARE dropping our tasting prices! Who said there’s no good deals out there!!)