La Familia Cider Debuts Portland Taproom on SE Hawthorne

La Familia Cider Portland Taproom on SE Hawthorne. (image courtesy of La Familia Cider)

The saying “when one door closes, another door opens” holds true in the craft cider community here in Oregon. When Portland Cider Co. recently announced the closure of its SE Hawthorne taproom in Portland, it was not all that bad news for the cider community as the Salem, Oregon based La Familia Cider Company was taking over the space. And for fans of Portland Cider Co., they are still going strong with its distribution and taprooms in Clackamas and Beaverton.

The new La Familia Taproom will open at 3638 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard in Portland on Wednesday, June 5, 2024 at Noon. For the Grand Opening Week, La Familia will be raffling of a trip to Las Vegas and $50 gift cards every day!

The cidery was named with family in mind. La Familia is a family owned and operated business to its core. Jose and Shani Gonzalez oversee the cider making and business operations while their daughter Jazzelle runs the Salem cider house, and son Jay Jay will manage the new taproom in Portland. 

La Familia Gonzalez family in Salem. (image courtesy of La Familia Cider)

“Jay Jay and Jazzelle have been a part of the company from the start, and they’re the more public faces of La Familia,” said Jose. “They created the vibe in our taprooms, so every person who visits us feels their influence.”

The Portland location, like the Salem one, will be family- and pet-friendly. Its 29 taps will offer 15 ciders from La Familia and other producers, and the other 14 will serve craft beers. Cider cocktails and other beverages will also be available, along with a small but satisfying menu featuring Mexican food made from locally sourced ingredients.

“I’m looking forward to welcoming all of our customers to our Hawthorne taproom, whether they’re already cider fans or just interested in trying something new,” said Jay Jay. “There’s something about connecting with fans of our family’s cider that’s really special. To pour a glass, and tell them, ‘I helped make this,’ and hear what they think is really rewarding.”

image courtesy of La Familia Cider

As previously stated, La Familia Taproom will move into the space that was once home Portland Cider House since 2014, in an amicable handoff that reflects the two companies’ long-standing friendship. 

“Our friends at Portland Cider have built great relationships with their customers on Hawthorne over the last nine years, and we plan to take great care of them, too,” added Jay Jay.

Since 2017, La Familia has been known for its unique, Mexican-inspired ciders that reflect the owners’ own heritage. The idea was sparked when founders Jose and Shani Gonzalez were enjoying some cider, and Shani mused that it would be great to have cider flavors inspired by the fruity aguas frescas that they grew up with. The idea grew from there, and today La Familia Cider produces Guayaba (guava) and Jamaica (hibiscus) ciders year-round that are sold in more than 500 retailers across the Pacific Northwest, along with seasonal releases. The company donates cider and a percentage of its profits to local nonprofit organizations that help families navigate the legal immigration process.

A flight of La Familia Cider. (image courtesy of La Familia Cider)

“We’ve been making and distributing cider for more than seven years now, and it’s just as thrilling today to see our cans on the store shelves as it was when we began,” said Jose. “Having two taprooms now gives us a chance to talk to even more of our fans face-to-face, learn more about what they want from their cider, and let them meet our cider-making familia in person.” 

La Familia Taproom will be open five days per week from Wednesday – Sunday at Noon. To learn more about La Familia Cider, visit its website at

La Familia Cider Portland Taproom – 3638 SE Hawthorne Blvd – Portland, OR

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