Portland International Cider Cup 2021 Medal Winners

image courtesy of the Portland International Cider Cup
image courtesy of the Portland International Cider Cup

PORTLAND, Ore. – Nov 19, 2021 The Northwest Cider Association (NWCA) proudly announced the 2021 winners of their annual Portland International Cider Cup (PICC) competition last night at a sold-out awards party at Swift Cider in NE Portland. NWCA unveiled 45 medal winning ciders across an array of categories, ranging from Modern Dry to Traditional Perries.

Prize for Best in Show!

“We’re judging one of the most prestigious apple growing regions, and a place that puts a high value on craft culture. These awards are big,” says Emily Ritchie, Executive Director of Northwest Cider Association. NWCA is a non-profit supporting cidermakers in four Northwest states and British Columbia – an area recognized as one of the most innovative cider regions in the nation. The Northwest is home to 150 orchard-based, small, independent, and mid-sized makers, and the 8th annual Portland International Cider Cup is the region’s premier judged competition. “Makers rely on this event for critical peer review, not to mention bar, restaurant and retail buyers who use these results for curating their cider selections.”

The Big Winners Are…

Best In Show – “Bittersweet Cider” from Sea Cider Farm and Cidery (Victoria, BC): They’ve taken home this award for the second time (first in 2018) for this cider

Runner Up – “11th Anniversary Heirloom Cider” from 2 Towns Cider (OR)

Small Cidery of the Year – Puget Sound Cider (WA)

Medium Cidery of the Year – Bauman’s Cider Co (OR)

Large Cidery of the Year – 2 Towns Ciderhouse (OR)

Some Noteworthy Medal Winners…

New Cideries

Gold: Peak Light Cider (OR) for “Orchard Reserve Quince”

Silver: Yonder Cider (WA) for “Yonder Bar Anniversary Blend”

Established Cideries

Gold: Finnriver Farm & Cidery (WA) for “Traditional Perry”

Silver: Seattle Cider (WA) for both “City Fruit” and “Pumpkin Spice” ciders

Gold: Fraser Valley Cider Company (British Columbia) for “Scrumpy”

Silver: Western Cider (MT) for “Farmhouse”

For a full listing of winners, keep scrolling down.

Ciders are judged by trained industry experts looking for both flaws and determined style qualities. The competition is strict and not all categories take medals if the quality is not there.

“After a hiatus last year, it felt like the right call to bring back this critical competition,” Ritchie states. “Partnering with Swift Cider to hold the awards in their industrial cider space gave us an opportunity to safely gather people in a celebratory place. It was a fantastic night that shows the resiliency of this community and this growing category!”

With the pandemic in full swing over the last year and a half, cideries faced serious production and sales challenges, the NWCA dug deep to find innovative opportunities to support the Association’s nearly 100 cidery members in their three pronged mission – maintaining sales, increasing cider quality and fostering community. The main campaign has become the nation’s premier cider subscription, the NW Cider Club. The quarterly subscription features curated boxes of themed cider experiences delivered to the door. The coming Spring box will be themed “Best Of” and will feature winning ciders from the 2021 PICC awards.

Sea Cider’s youngest owner, Thomas, came from Victoria to claim the cup!

Here is the full list of medal winners:

2018 Cidre Bouché 2 Towns Ciderhouse French Cider Bronze
2019 Pommeau 2 Towns Ciderhouse Specialty Bronze
2017 La Mûre 2 Towns Ciderhouse Wild/Non-Sac Bronze
Clyde’s Dry Bauman’s Cider Heirloom Dry Cider BRONZE
Hop Collab Bauman’s Cider Hopped BRONZE
Opal Freewater Cider Company Modern Dry Cider BRONZE
55 Chain Liberty Ciderworks English Dry Cider BRONZE
Pineapple Puget Sound Cider Company Fruit Cider BRONZE
Virginia Crabapple Puget Sound Cider Company Single Varietal Cider – crab apples Bronze
Prohibition Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse Wood/Oaked bronze
Berry Rosé Seattle Cider Company Fruit Cider BRONZE
Honeycrisp Seattle Cider Company Modern Sweet Cider BRONZE
Spiced Peach Seattle Cider Company Spiced Cider BRONZE
Easy Squeezy 2 Towns Ciderhouse Fruit Cider GOLD
11th Anniversary 2 Towns Ciderhouse Modern Sweet Cider GOLD
Strawberry Mojito Bauman’s Cider Botanical Gold
Gravenstein SV Bauman’s Cider Modern Dry Cider GOLD
McIntosh SV Bauman’s Cider Single Varietal Cider – dessert/culinary apples GOLD
Mountain Rose SV Bauman’s Cider Single Varietal Cider – red flesh apples GOLD
Chai Bend Cider Co. Spiced Cider GOLD
Perry Finnriver Farm and Cidery Traditional Perry Gold
Orchard Reserve Quince Cider Peak Light Cider Company Specialty Gold
Rose Puget Sound Cider Company Heirloom Sweet Cider GOLD
Hazy Guava Rain Barrel Ciderworks Fruit Cider GOLD
Hop Infused Rootwood Cider Company Hopped GOLD
Bittersweet Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse English Sweet Cider Gold
Pinot Rosé Swift Cider Wood/Oaked gold
Scrumpy The Fraser Valley Cider Company English Dry Cider GOLD
Apricot Tieton Cider Works Fruit Cider GOLD
Cosmic Crisp 2 Towns Ciderhouse Single Varietal Cider – dessert/culinary apples SILVER
Loganberry Cider Bauman’s Cider Fruit Cider SILVER
Porter’s Perfection SV Bauman’s Cider Single Varietal Cider – bittersweet/bittersharp apples SILVER
B.O.M.B. Cider – Mango Cider Cyderish Fruit Cider Silver
Sparkling Perry Dragon’s Head Cider Traditional Perry Silver
First Pick: Gravenstein Ragged And Right Cider Project Single Varietal Cider – dessert/culinary apples SILVER
Bergamot Oak Runcible Cider Botanical Silver
City Fruit 2018 Seattle Cider Company Modern Dry Cider SILVER
Pumpkin Spice Seattle Cider Company Spiced Cider SILVER
Pineapple Hop Swift Cider Hopped SILVER
Blueberry Tieton Cider Works Fruit Cider SILVER
Lavender Honey Tieton Cider Works Modern Sweet Cider SILVER
Perry Oaky Upside Cider Wood/Oaked silver
Farmhouse Western Cider Co English Dry Cider SILVER
Wickson Western Cider Co Single Varietal Cider – crab apples Silver
Yonder Bar Anniversary Blend Yonder Cider Heirloom Dry Cider SILVER