Schilling Hard Cider Debuts Excelsior Ground Control: Cherry Non-Alcoholic Cider

Non-alcoholic beers have been around for many decades, but now non-alcoholic versions of hard cider are gaining a bit of traction. Prior to the cidery’s demise last year, Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider debuted a non-alcoholic cider. Now Schilling Hard Cider debuts its version, Excelsior Ground Control: Cherry Non-Alcoholic Cider.

Unlike many of its non-alcoholic beer counterparts that sit at 0.5% ABV, this new non-alcoholic cider really lives up to its name as it arrives at 0.0% ABV. Excelsior Ground Control: Cherry NA Cider is made with fresh-pressed cider apples, cherry juice, and apple cider vinegar. Schilling Hard Cider has created a zero-alcohol beverage that preserves the signature flavor punch of the Excelsior Imperial Ciders brand.

According to Schilling Hard Cider’s email, “We didn’t want our non-alcoholic option to taste like ordinary juice. Instead, we elevated it with apple cider drinking vinegar, drawing inspiration from shrub-based cocktails, to introduce an adult flavor profile in lieu of alcohol.”

Excelsior Ground Control: Cherry is now available at the Schilling Hard Cider taprooms and on store shelves in Washington and Oregon. To locate this new non-alcoholic cider visit

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