Celebrate National Vodka Day With Free Ice From Reyka

As if we need a reason to raise a glass but if so today is National Vodka Day and Iceland’s Reyka Vodka is here to help us celebrate here in Portland. Today Reyka is Bringing The Ice to the people of Portland!

Yes from 3:00pm-7:00pm, Reyka Vodka will complete the party by delivering ice, free of charge, right to your door. To receive this free ice, Portland residents need to comment on a Reyka Vodka Instagram (@Reyka_Vodka) post with #ReykaBringsTheIce and a delivery will be arranged! To participate, you must be 21+ and deliveries must fall within the defined delivery parameters.

Reyka Ambassador Trevor Schneider at 2017 Feast Portland and its Brunch Village.

In recent years Reyka has found a kinship here in Portland. It may be from the fact that many Portlanders visit Iceland or that we enjoy our drink. Regardless Reyka is fond of us. Here are a few humorous ads for the Rose City.

Reyka is distilled in the village of Borgarnes, Iceland, in one of the rarest stills in the world. The Carter-Head Still, one of only six in existence, is the best way to remove impurities due to its high level of copper, resulting in the smooth taste of Reyka.