Crux Fermentation Project and Pursuit Distilling Co. Release Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Batch No.1

image of Crux Fermentation Project and Pursuit Distilling Co. Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Batch No.1 courtesy Crux Fermentation Project
image of Crux Fermentation Project and Pursuit Distilling Co. Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Batch No.1 courtesy Crux Fermentation Project

Bend, Oregon – Since the very beginning, Crux has always defined itself as a fermentation project, as their name suggests. Venturing beyond beer has always been in their DNA. And with this first whiskey offering, Crux is fulfilling a dream that’s been there from the start.

This straight bourbon whiskey is the latest chapter in their quest of fermented perfection. In partnership with Pursuit Distilling Co., they’ve crafted a unique whiskey, inspired by the best bourbons, ryes, and single malts from around the world.

It begins with a meticulously crafted wash – customized by Master Brewer Larry Sidor to capture all of the very best flavors, textures, and aromas possible for a truly unique whiskey. Pursuit Distilling took the wash and distilled it with innovative precision before aging it over two years in charred new American oak barrels.

“It has been a dream collaboration to work with Larry and the Crux Team in creating and developing a unique mash bill that truly will pave the way for the future of spirit innovation. It’s collaborations like this that keeps things exciting and fresh for us at Pursuit.” – Sam Agnew and Tyler Teeple, Pursuit Distilling Co. Co-Founders

The result is layered and distinct, featuring black cherry and vanilla aromas with chocolate and orange spice on the palette. This 100 proof, straight bourbon whiskey defies convention and delivers undeniable depth and complexity. In other words, this is the whiskey both Crux and Pursuit always dreamt of enjoying.

“This collaboration has been nothing short of inspirational.  Sam and Tyler have embraced the concept from the start to develop a whiskey that defies the norm with layers and layers of intrigue.” – Larry Sidor, Crux Fermentation Project Master Brewer & Co-Founder

Like beer, whiskey is full of possibilities. So, join them in raising a glass and enjoying this inaugural moment, knowing another batch is already in the works.

Bottles of this “Very Small Batch” whiskey will be available at Pursuit Distilling Co.’s tasting room in Enumclaw, Washington and a few select liquor stores in Bend, Oregon. Crux will be serving it neat and on the rocks at their tasting room starting Friday, February 18th.

Crux Fermentation Project is a brewer-owned and operated community of craft beer lovers, committed to delivering beer, wine, and cider of uncompromising quality. And best of all, after nearly ten years we’re still just getting started. We invite you to join us in our wild pursuit of perfection wherever our creations are found. Or, come visit our Tasting Room located in the heart of Bend, Oregon – where amazing views of the Cascade Mountains and family-friendly vibes are paired with pizza, street tacos, and 25 of the best beers in town.

Pursuit Distilling Co. is a family-owned craft spirits distillery located in Enumclaw, WA. We produce several types of spirits including award-winning Flavored Whiskeys, American Single Malt Whiskeys, Vodka, Gin and other delicious spirits. We are committed to creating high quality, grain-to-glass products utilizing local Pacific Northwest resources and sustainable options whenever possible. It all started with a dream to create a Company that brings people together in celebration of good times and those to come.