Whiskey Wednesday – Porter’s Small Batch Rye 95

A pour of Porter’s Small Batch Rye 95 from Ogden's Own Distillery.
A pour of Porter’s Small Batch Rye 95 from Ogden’s Own Distillery. An image of Orrin Porter Rockwell can be seen from looking through the bottle.

Over the past decade, the state of Utah has seen a bit of a boom in the opening of craft distilleries. One such enterprise is Ogden’s Own, Utah’s largest independent distillery.

The name of the distillery, Ogden’s Own, comes from the distillery’s location in Ogden, Utah and its strong connection to the local community. “As an independently-owned distillery, we founded Ogden’s Own as local residents ourselves, motivated by our desire to provide the community with a spirits brand that they could feel a sense of pride and a personal connection to – hence the name “Ogden’s Own,” stated Mark Fine, President/CEO of Ogden’s Own.

The Ogden’s Own portfolio includes a diverse range of expressions, from its award-winning Five Wives Vodka and industry-acclaimed Madam Pattirini Gin to Porter’s Whiskeys, including today’s Whiskey Wednesday pick, Porter’s Small Batch Rye 95.

“Porter’s Whiskey is named after Orrin Porter Rockwell, a lawman in Utah, who served as a bodyguard of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young in the 1800’s,” said Fine. “Dating back to these times, Ogden established a notorious reputation of embracing some of the “darker” sides of society, in contrast to other areas of Ogden, such as gambling, drinking bootleg liquor, and other lawless acts. From the late 1800’s to the mid 1900’s, setting foot off the train in Ogden (namely, the infamous Two-bit/25th Street) was a life changing experience for a transcontinental rail traveler. Porter’s Whiskeys and the presence of Orrin on our bottles is an ode to those times and our area’s history.”

Porter’s Small Batch Rye 95 is named from the whiskey’s grain bill of 95% rye and 5% malted barley that is readily used at MGP in Indiana. This rye is aged at 111 proof for about four years, 1 year in Indiana, and then an addition 2-3 years in Utah, where the product is finished in heavy charred, American White Oak barrels before being bottled at 90 proof.

From sampling at bottle of Porter’s Small Batch Rye 95, we have found this rye to be an appealing one, especially at a $30 price point. It pours an amber-orange color, something not always seen in a whiskey that produces noticeable legs from a few swirls in the Glencairn glass.

Master Distiller Steve Garavatti taste-testing a recent batching and bottling of Porter’s Small Batch Rye
Master Distiller Steve Garavatti taste-testing a recent batching and bottling of Porter’s Small Batch Rye

The nose produces notes of citrus, honey, and oak. Upon further inspection, a bit of baking spice comes forth. After taking a first sip, flavors of cinnamon, vanilla, and chocolate come forth on the palate. It finishes with a pleasant rye spice, not too overpowering but one that meanders its way through your tastebuds for a few minutes. In all, Porter’s Small Batch Rye 95 is a whiskey perfect served neat or on rocks or making a cocktail!

When it comes to using Porter’s Small Batch Rye to make cocktails, Ogden’s Own offers three takes on one of our favorites, the Old Fashioned.

Porters Rye Whiskey 1.5 Oz
Espresso (Chilled) 1 Oz
Maple Syrup 1⁄2 Oz
Glassware: Rocks Glass
Garnish: Cacao Bitters, Orange Twist

Porters Rye Whiskey .5 Oz
Orgeat .5 Oz
Mezcal 1.5 Oz
4 Dashes Aztec Chocolate Bitters
Glassware: Fancy Rocks Glass
Garnish: Lime Wheel And Half Espresso Rim
Method: Build In Rocks. Add Ice. Garnish

Porters Rye Whiskey 1.5oz
Aperol .5oz
Sweet Vermouth .25oz
2 Dash Orange Bitter
Glassware: Fancy Rocks Glass
Garnish: Rosemary Twig, Orange Wheel, Olive
Method: Add All Ingredients Into Glass. Add Ice. Stir. Garnish.

Porter’s Small Batch Rye has a $29.99 suggested retail and is available online via Great American Craft Spirits and Hi-Time Wine, and select retailers in Utah, Idaho, Michigan, California, Nevada, with additional markets on the horizon if you find yourself in the Salt Lake City area, visit Ogden’s Own Distillery & Side Bar at 615 W Stockman Way in Ogden, Utah.

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