Whiskey Wednesday – Stolen X Rock & Rye

A pour of Stolen X Rock & Rye from a 100mL can.
A pour of Stolen X Rock & Rye from a 100mL can.

The Rock and Rye cocktail dates back to the late 19th century and at a time was marketed to fight off a cold or even the flu. It’s made with rye whiskey, rock candy and fruit, usually the citrus variety. We first heard about the cocktail from the Grateful Dead song, Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo, when Jerry sings about having a “cup of rock and rye”!

Today, the drink is commonly found in a ready-to-drink bottle or now, a can. Stolen Spirits is one such distiller that offers its version, Stolen X Rock & Rye, in 750mL bottles and 100mL cans at 80 proof. Stolen Spirits blends their version with 100% American rye whiskey that has been aged for over 2 years in American oak barrels with fresh, natural orange peel and raw organic honey. It’s suggested to be enjoyed as a shot or simply pour over ice.

This past weekend we shared a 100mL nip can of Stolen X Rock & Rye while camping. Our expectations were not that that strong, but we grabbed a glass, dropped a cube and poured it over. The nip can is listed as being a full 2.25 shots worth of rock and rye.

Stolen X Rock & Rye pours a dark amber-orangish color, similar to a muddling of oranges in a whiskey. The spiciness associated with a rye whiskey is a bit muted from the fresh citrus and the sweetness from the honey that comes forth. Somewhat similar to an Old Fashioned. It does have a bit of sweetness but it works well at 80 proof.

Stolen X Rock & Rye retails for $19.99 per 750mL bottle at OLCC stores. It is also available in select markets in 100mL cans at a $2.99 retail price.