2nd Annual Black Friday Holiday Beer Summit @ Roscoe's

Jeremy Lewis (left) and Quyen Li of Roscoe's Pub
Roscoe’s 2nd Annual Black Friday Holiday Beer Summit is coming up on November 25, 2011 beginning at 2PM. Owners Jeremy Lewis and Quiyen Li promise 16 noteworthy holiday beers on tap.

Says Lewis: “We will be embracing all of the winter warmers that you love along with all of the holiday flavors that define the season. There will be hints of smoke, cherry, cranberry, carmel, apples with cinnamon, pumpkin, chocolate, and even fruitcake.

Some of the breweries (and beers) will include: Fort George (North V), 2010 St Bernardus (Christmas), Deschutes (Nitro Jubel), Midnight Sun (Treat), Boneyard (Femme Fatale), Stillwater/Mikkeller (Rauchstar), Ninkasi (Imperiale), Flat Tail (Mama Duncan’s Apple Beer), Amnesia, Oakshire, Cascade Barrel House, Lompoc, and more.”

Roscoe’s Pub is located at 8105 SE Stark Street in Portland, Oregon.

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