Bamburger Onion Meal @ Saraveza

Rauch onionSun. June 19th, 11am – 8pm: We’ve got a special meal* brewing Sunday. Bamburg, Germany is famous for it’s Rauch beer and food that pairs meticulously with it. A Bamburg specialty, the Onion, is a plate that Saraveza believes is over-the-top delicious. Pork, bacon, onion all smoked on our Omaha Smoker and served with mash potatoes and gravy.  To top it off we have Schlenkerla Oak Smoke and a Smoked beer by Block 15 for pairing.

So bring your dad, bring your friends or just come’on down for this special meal deal and enjoy a piece of Bamburg.

* This Special Day meal is a pre-cursor to our “For Those About to Rauch” night coming Fall 2011.