Beer & Cigar Pairing @ The EastBurn

Beer & Cigar Pairing Event at The EastBurnIn collaboration with 33 Beers and 11th Ave. Liquor & Cigars the New School presents a unique pairing event for Oregon Craft Beer Month of Beer & Cigars at East Burn’s fine patio.

Dave Selden an avid homebrewer, blogger and Creative Director launched a little tasting note booklet called 33 Beers that has become an incredible success and a staple for many beer geeks to keep on hand. Off the success of 33 Beers Dave has launched a new book taking the same concept and applying it to Cigars with the launch of 33 Cigars.
The New School
a beer blog is always interested in new creative ways to examine beer and explore it’s possibilities with unique pairings so this event and the opportunity to announce 33 Cigars arrival in style was a natural fit. Together with Ed Ryan of PDX Cigars the 3 founders got together to explore the possibilities in pairing these two wonderful vices together and came up with 3 unique pairings:

Berger & Argenti Mooch with Upright Seven

Gurkha Evil with Ninkasi Oatis


Bad Dog Special Blend with Stone Oak Aged Arrogant Bastard

Along with these unique pairings attendees will get two more selections of beers, food plates specially prepared by East Burn’s chef and a 33 Cigars book. That’s 3 cigars, 5 beers, 2 dishes and the new 33 Cigars booklet for only $50.

Tickets are very limited to this event and East Burn’s patio is small so reserve your spot either in person at the East Burn or via paypal on The New School (just click the buy now button on the sidebar.)

About 33 Cigars:
33 Cigars is a cigar journal that provides an easy way to quickly record cigar tasting notes in a small, convenient notebook format. It’s perfect for cigar novices and pros alike. Spawned from the popular line of Portland-designed “33 brand” tasting notebooks from 33 Books Co., 33 Cigars is the newest member of the family that also includes beer, wine, cheese and coffee-tasting journals.

About The New School :
The New School is a beer blog that takes on more of a news magazine like format focusing on New Breweries, New Trends, New Styles and developments in beer and the industry as a whole and Opinion pieces and Reviews that can sometimes be controversial but are always informative and fair. The New School aims to be the go-to website for Oregon breaking beer news as well as the best place to find opinions and reviews not afraid to critical.

About Ed Ryan & PDX Cigars:

Ed Ryan of PDX Cigars is an Independent Cigar Consultant who will be co-hosting and is working with 11th Avenue Liquor and Smoke Shop to provide cigars for the launch party.  He is also the Oregon Ambassador for Cigar Rights of America and is recognized by Tobacconist University as a Certified Salesforce Tobacconist.