Brewvana Connoisseur Tour w/ Vasilios Gletsos

CONNOISSEUR TOUR with Vasilios Gletsos Sunday July 3rd, from 1-5pm $60/ person all inclusive

Brewvana is kicking off Craft Beer Month with a Connoisseur Tour with Vasilios Gletsos, from Pyramid Brewery!

The July Connoisseur Tour will be led by Pyramid brewer Vasilios Gletsos from 1-5pm on Sunday July 3rd. The tour will include stops at 4 different Portland Breweries with one pint of beer at each location, lunch, tours of each brewery, and a professional brewer as your tour guide. Vasili will take us on a stroll to his favorite spots and places that molded the brewing world that he lives in now.

Stop 1: MacTarnahan’s Taproom

Stop 2: Lucky Lab

Stop 3: Rock Bottom

Stop 4: Upright Brewing

The Pick up/ Drop off spot for this tour is @ the NE Convention Center at 12:45pm. Take the MAX- rides home to your front door after the tour for an extra $5.

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