Cascade Spring Gose Release

Cascade Brewing's Curtis BainThis Friday, we’re releasing our 2011 Spring Gose, a NW sour beer that is a re-creation of a historic German wheat beer style that was nearly lost to time.  This light, slightly soured beer is spiced with sea salt, wild chamomile, lemon peel and culinary lavender.  Soft wheat and spice greet you on the nose, while a light spice bite and hint of lemon crosses the palate.  It finishes off with a soft lingering sour bite and just a slight dusty floral note.

Cascade Brewing still have five case left of the 2008 Apricot, one of the best Apricot blends we have done to date.  Vintage bottles sell for $18 apiece, limit 2 per person.  Vintage bottles are sold ONLY at Cascade Brewing Barrel House – we do not ship or hold on reserve any of these bottles.    Future vintage release dates: Sunday, March 27 for 2008 Sang Royal, and Sunday, April 10 for 2008 The Vine.