Cheers To Mitzi @ Belmont Station

Belmont StationObviously many people come and go in a business like ours and we’ve had our share of great ones. But only 3 people have been with us the entire time we’ve been in our “new” location on Stark Street (now five years old). Mitzi Komisar is known to most everyone who frequents Belmont Station for her warmth, hospitality, and beer guidance and we will all miss her.

Direct from Mitzi: “It has been 5 ½ years that I’ve been at Belmont Station. I have always appreciated the opportunity to share in your beer buying, our many conversations, and all of your smiles. I liked that you often brought your children and your dogs to visit. You are all so special and it has been my pleasure to share with you. Friday, March 23rd was my last day at the Station. During that last week I was able to see so many of you for which I am grateful. I am embracing my Acupuncture practice with a full heart and 23 years of experience. If ever I can be of help with your questions or lend any guidance or service please contact me at Feel free to write just to say hi if you’d like. That which I will miss the most of Belmont Station is all of you. I humbly thank you…”

Come raise a glass to Mitzi!