"Clash of the Titans" @ APEX

APEX's Jesse McCann is the humanous lupulus

Russian River Pliny The YoungerSometimes we wonder if Jesse McCann, owner of APEX bar (1216 SE Division St., Portland, OR) is totally insane. Well, we don’t really wonder this, we know this. In fact, he is crazy about killer beer. McCann unseated the Horse Brass Pub in the 2011 Northwest Brewing News’ reader’s choice best craft beer bar in Oregon, a task that is no small feat. And it’s not difficult to see why APEX is such a smash amongst craft beer zealots. With more than 50 rotating taps that feature some of the best beers from the West Coast to the farthest reaches of Europe and beyond, McCann and his staff have clearly illustrated their passion for taste supremacy. He’s also well connected like the Jack Ruby of the beer world (without all the illegal gangster mafioso stuff). As another shining example of killer craft beer aptitude, APEX , not typically known for special events (well, every day there features an amazing lineup), will unload the big guns for those with a hankering for hops. Russian River’s Pliny the Younger and Dogfish Head’s 120 Minute IPA, Bear Republic Racer X, just to name a few will flow from the pub’s taps while supplies last.


Here’s the good word from brother McCann:

This Saturday, February 11th, you’re in for a real treat at APEX.  Starting at opening, 11:30 AM, we’ll be pouring a little beer from Santa Rosa, California called Pliny the Younger, as well as its sibling Pliny the Elder and their cousin Blind Pig.  To keep the Younger company, we’ll also make some Dogfish Head 120 Minute available for comparison.  So please come by and hop your face off along with some of our usual suspects like (Alameda) Yellow Wolf, Apex, (Bear Republic) Racer X or 5, Deuce, (Firestone Walker) Union Jack, (Elysian) Idiot Sauvin, (Sierra Nevada) Ruthless Rye, Lagunitas Sucks, etc… Not recommended for the lupulin intolerant. See you there!