Fem-ALES: A Ladies Only Homebrewing Class @ Bader Brewing

Bader Beer & Wine SupplyDescription: Ladies wanted! Join Arlene at Bader Beer & Wine Supply for an all Fem-ALE entry-level beer making class designed to show the first time brewer the beer making process. A 5-gallon batch of beer will be made in the class. The discussion will include the use of specialty grains, hops, yeast, malt syrup, sanitation and fermentation.Have your friends meet you back in the Tap Room at By the Bottle. Your class fee includes a pint! (does not include a tip for the bartender)

Our friends at Bader were kind enough to do a special Saturday class on this day, but we will need twelve beer enthusiastic beer chicks for it to happen, so tell a girlfriend or two. Sorry, guys, we’ll do another one for you, next time.

Class fee: $20.00 per student
Registration: Sign-up at By the Bottle, class fee required at sign-up. Phone call or e-mail sign-ups will be taken, but it will not reserve your space.     Telephone: 360-696-0012     E-mailbythebottle@aol.com

Event date: Saturday, March 12, 2011

Class time: 1pm-4pm, then a pint afterward in the Tap Room at By the Bottle

Event location: Bader Beer & Wine Supply, 711 Grand Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98661, approximately 5 minutes east of By the Bottle off of Evergreen Blvd., 360-750-1551     http://www.baderbrewing.com