Holiday Ale Fest 7th Annual Sunday Beer & Brunch Event

This exclusive event features at least four special Belgian-style beers that are not available at the regular festival, along with a European-style brunch. Tickets are limited, and go on sale in the fall so check back as the event gets closer to guarantee yourself a spot at this exclusive event.

This will take place up above the regular Holiday Ale Festival in a heated tent. You must be 21+ to enter this venue.

2009 Menu and beer line up included……

The European-Style Brunch Menu
• A variety of local award winning cheeses from Willamette Valley Cheese Co.
• Fresh croissants lightly toasted and served with your choice of either warmed honey ham with Havarti or slow-roasted turkey breast with smoked Fontina
• A selection of cured Artisan salamis
• Fresh boiled eggs
• Mini Pain Au Chocolate (a heavenly puff pastry with a small ribbon of chocolate baked inside)
• Chouquettes (a puff pastry ball sprinkled with rock sugar)
• Mini Chausson aux Pommes (a French applesauce turnover)
• Mini raspberry croissants
• Fresh yogurts infused with seasonal fruit
• NW granola with dried apples and blueberries
• A hand carved fresh fruit platter
• Fresh orange juice and strong black coffee will also be served
Cascade Brewing Company • Golden Spiced Blonde
Spiced Blonde Ale [Golden Ale] • ABV: 6% • IBUs: 5
A Spiced Belgian Blonde features coriander and sweet orange peel. If you are still feeling the effects of Saturday night at the fest, this is a great starter beer to get going for the brunch. A nice easy going light beer to prime the palate for our European-style brunch.

Portland, OR • Cascade Brewing Company WebsiteVisit Cascade Brewing Company BeerAdvocate Listing!Visit Cascade Brewing Company RateBeer Listing!

Unibroue • La Fin du Monde (2007)
Strong Triple-Style Golden Ale [Belgian Ale] • ABV: 9.0%
La Fin du Monde offers both subtlety and strength, with a chorus of fruit, spice and hop notes that make this highly effervescent “liquid gold” so distinctive. Its complex flavor and natural carbonation make La Fin du Monde an ideal pairing for aged cheeses and succulent cuisine like scallops, filet mignon and duck confit. La Fin du Monde (The End of the World) became the first North American beer to rival the monk-brewed Trappist ales of Belgium in terms of complexity and strength. It was developed through 18 months of research on a unique strain of yeast that produces subtle flavors with champagne-like effervescence. This beer is brewed in honor of the intrepid European explorers who believed they had reached the ‘end of the world’ when they discovered a ‘new world’, later called America.

*** This is a special 9-liter vintage bottle that will pour at 12:00pm! ***

Quebec, Canada • Unibroue WebsiteVisit Unibroue BeerAdvocate Listing!Visit Unibroue RateBeer Listing!

Brasserie Dupont • Avec Les Bons Voeux (2008)
Saison [Saison] • ABV: 9.5%
Translation: “With the best wishes of the Brewery Dupont”. This is their Christmas beer, a Christmas Saision if you will. The effervescence brings forth a lemony nose with hints of clove, banana and pepper. Its malty richness stays on the tongue until the next sip. This very complex, yet extremely drinkable “winter saison” comes across at 9.5%. We commandeered this keg from last year’s event to cellar it just for this year’s brunch!

Leuze-Pipaix, Belgium • Brasserie Dupont sprl WebsiteVisit Brasserie Dupont sprl BeerAdvocate Listing!Visit Brasserie Dupont sprl RateBeer Listing!

Cascade Brewing Company • Cascade Apricot Ale (2008)
Belgian Flanders-Style Ale [Sour Ale] • ABV: 9.35%
Cascade Apricot Ale is a sour Belgian Flanders-style Ale based on the brewery’s Temptor Triple Ale that has undergone more than eight months lactic fermentation and oak barrel aging. Ripe NW apricots are fermented with this beer for three additional months. The addition of a barrel of 23-degree Plato blonde quadruppel makes this year’s version slightly stronger than last year’s. This beer weighs in at 9.35% ABV and is normally only available in bottles. It will be on draft, just for you, only at the Belgian Beer & Brunch!

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Mikkeller • Beer Geek Brunch [aka Weasel]

Imperial Oatmeal Stout [Stout] • ABV: 10.9%
Okay, so it’s not Belgian, but instead Danish, and that sounds mighty worthy of the Brunch. This Imperial Oatmeal Stout is brewed with one of the world’s most expensive coffees, made from the droppings of the weasel-like civet cat. The fussy Southeastern Asian animals eat only the best and ripest coffee berries. Enzymes in their digestive system help to break down the bean. Workers collect the bean-containing droppings for Civet or Weasel Coffee. The exceedingly rare Civet coffee is around $300/lb. This beer is almost as rare, and it’s “what’s for breakfast” at the Brunch only!

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