Hopworks 2nd Annual BIKETOBEERFEST

Hopworks oktoberfest celebrating Portland’s bike culture!    Any and all who made it out know that last year’s fest was jam packed with bikes, bands and beer and this year’s going to be even better!  In addition to 15 Hopworks beers on tap, the fest will also feature:

  • 5 bands on the Keg Stage
  • A Hand-built Bicycle Show
  • Competitions
  • Entertainers
  • Goldsprints Roller Races
  • Kid Games
  • Bike Toss
  • Washoes
  • BMX Trick Riders
  • More!

As always, Biketobeerfest proceeds go to the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and the street-freeing Sunday Parkways.  Stay tuned for details, and mark your calendar so you can ride to the event with your family and friends and revel in organic beers, live music and Portland’s rich bike community!


Christian and Crew