Let the Rumpus Begin @ Worthy Brewing

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From this dirt, Worthy Brewing will rise. How high it goes, nobody knows.

Please join us for our beer baptism. Our soil experts have confirmed what we’ve long suspected: there’s a deep rich subterranean river of beer flowing directly under the East Side.

Worthy will tap it. The beer will gush. And we will immerse in the purifying wash of hops, yeast, barley and cool, cool Cascadian water. Praise Worthy.

Oh, and free pizza! Not out of a box, either. This is the good stuff. Hand crafted, wood fired, richly endowed with Mother Nature’s brightest veggies, herbs, spices, sauces, meats and cheeses. Good Lord it’s good.

And of course a cornucopia of fresh and locally brewed beers to amplify the moment. You’ve had a rough week, Worthy’s here to transport you to that happier place.

Where are we? We’re on the gritty East Side, a block east of NE 27th Street off of Highway 20th, in between Bellevue and Dalton streets. If find yourself blazing through the Badlands, turn around, unless dammit to Hell you’re riding that crest and can’t let go.

If this is your kind of gig, and taking a beer shower with city, country, hard hat, hipster hat, brew, blog, jockish and jocular people doesn’t frighten you, let us know by sending Chad, our brainy Master Brewer, an “I’ll be there, Dude.”

Drink Worthy!

Worthy Brewing Co.

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