Nano Beer Fest

Winter Nano Beer Fest logoComing up this weekend, Max’s Fanno Creek Brewpub returns with their three-day Nano Beer Fest February 25th-27th. While not all the breweries are really “nano” (whatever that really means), the festival itself promises to be a great way to spend at least part of your weekend. Fanno Creek’s Cole Hackbarth says “We aimed to get a mix of big beers from some of the smaller breweries in Oregon. It will be under tents with heaters in the parking lot behind the brewery.”

The cost is $5 for a glass and $1.50 per 4-ounce taster. Nano Beer Fest will be open 11AM-10PM Friday and Saturday and 11AM-6PM Sunday. The breweries and beers representing are:

Beer Valley – Black Flag Imperial Stout 11% ABV
Caldera – South Side Strong 7.2%
Double Mountain – Sacre Bleu 8%
Oakshire – Overcast Espresso Stout 5.8%
Terminal Gravity – Triple 8.3%
Upright – Stout
Bend Brewing – Belgian Doppel 7.7%
Astoria Brewing – Bitter Bitch 8.2%
Gilgamesh – Hop Scotch Imp. Scottish 8.0%
Natian – Old Grogham Winter IPA 9.5%
Wandering Aengus – Pear Cider

Max’s Fanno Creek Brewpub is located at 12562 SW Main Street in Tigard, Oregon. For more information, call (503) 624-9400 or visit