NoPo Brews Cancer Sucks IPA Tap Takeover Weekend @ Plew's Brews

Steve Occhi of NoPo Brews

NoPo BrewsNoPo Brews, a North Portland homebrew club dedicated to education and fun, is hosting a Cancer Fundraiser, Cancer Sucks IPA Tap Takeover Weekend, February 10-11, 2012  at Plew’s Brews (8409 N. Lombard, St Johns, Portland, OR) to help out Steve Occhi, a fellow NoPo Brews member, in his time of need.

Occhi was diagnosed with lung cancer and just completed two rounds of chemotherapy.  “The good news is the cancer is responding well, but he will have more chemotherapy treatments coming up”, says friend and fellow NoPo member Trevor Thurston. Occhi is a self- employed contractor and, understandably, his chemo treatments have put him out of work, and to make matters more difficult, the Oregon’s Health Care plan has limits to its coverage.

Plew's Brews

More details about Plew’s Brews Cancer Sucks IPA Tap Takeover:

Steve, ugly sweater undisputed championTo help with the crazy bills that are stacking up, NoPo Brews and Plew’s Brews are coming together to put on a “hopping” good time.

The fundraiser will start off with an IPA tap take over Feb 10th. 8 epic selections of IPA will be on for everyone’s enjoyment starting at 7PM. The list includes: Lucky Lab’s Superdog, Alameda’s Yellow Wolf, 7 Brides Frankenlou, Fort George Vortex, Stone’s IPA, Oakshire’s Watershed IPA, Ninkasi’s Tricerahops, and Boneyard’s Notorius which will be a 10 ounce pour.

On the side, Nopobrews will have a tasting flight consisting of 6 -different single hop IPAs that were brewed by club members in the fall. The experience shows you just how much one ingredient can change the flavor of the beer! At 8PM, the music will start rocking with Michael Manning and the Carolina Pumphouse. The Chancers, a local Irish Band, will follow with a rowdy set. Between songs and bands there will be a donation bucket passed around and winners of the raffle items will be announced. You can win even if you are not present.

Some of the prizes include a private party with appetizers for 25 people at Uptown Billiards, an upright bike made from St. John’s bike-builder, Neal Fegan, a signed copy of Lisa Morrison’s book, “ Craft Beers of the Pacific Northwest”.! We’ll also have some VERY rare bottles from Hair of the Dog, Deschuttes, etc. Raffle tickets will be on sale for $1/piece before the event at Plew’s Brews. Please check for a complete list. Cheers!