Odin Brewing Bottle Launch & Tasting Event @ Full Throttle Bottles

Full Throttle BottlesWe are honored & excited to present the Worldwide launch of Odin Brewings first bottles EVER! Brad will be here to present the very first two beers they will be presenting in bottles. You may have had them on tap, now you can take them home with you! Located across the river in South Park, Odin is one of the newer breweries to Washington, but they have been showing us how wonderful their beers are in many local watering holes. We’re excited that your house can be the next location to serve their delicious brews! So come down on Wed March 2nd, taste what they’ve been doing, welcome them to FTB and take home some bottles of beery goodness!!! (Brad tells me their beers will only be available at Full Throttle Bottles, at least for the first couple weeks while they ramp up production!)
Freya’s Gold Kolsch Style Ale: Freya’s Kolsch is Odin Brewing’s take on the gold Kolsch-style ales native to Cologne, Germany. A barely detectable hint of ginger emphasizes the traditional crisp flavor. This is a perfect warm weather beer, full-flavored but light like sunshine for your summertime refreshment. (Maybe if we drink warm weather beer, the warm weather will come? Worth a shot!) BOTTLE

Odin’s Gift: Odin’s Gift Ruby is a filtered, ruby-colored ale brewed in small hand-crafted batches. Just the right amount of hops topped with juniper berries results in a bold yet well-balanced flavor and a wonderfully fresh aroma. This versatile ale pairs well with a wide variety of food. BOTTLE

Odin’s Pearl – Belgian Wheat Ale: Odin’s Belgian wheat ale is an unfiltered ale that is light, flavorful, and quite refreshing. Staying true to their mision at Odin, they have removed the orange peel and coriander that are traditioanlly found in Belgian style wheat ales and added unique spices to compliment the distinct flavor and aroma of the Belgian yeast. A large percentage of flaked wheat contributes a smooth body yet clean finish.

We will be tasting these on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 from 5-7pm. Bring your own glass to be GREEN and save $1!