Silverspot IPA Release @ Pelican Pub & Brewery

Pelican releases Silverspot IPA on August 21, 2012


Drink a beer, save a butterfly!

Silverspot IPA holds a permanent slot in the Pelican lineup with its brilliant gold color and assertively complex hop aroma. Brew Master Darron Welch selected the blend of Sterling, Fuggle and Meridian hops, focusing on herbal, floral, spicy and tangerine-like characters to create this highly drinkable 6% abv English-Style IPA.  

Silverspot IPA celebrates the Oregon Silverspot butterfly which once flourished in coastal grasslands from Washington to California. Due to habitat loss, this threatened butterfly is now found only in a handful of protected areas. The Oregon Coast is home to most of these sites including nearby Mt. Hebo and Cascade Head, which can be seen from the patio of the Pelican Pub & Brewery.   Oregon Silverspot butterflies depend on a unique ecosystem of coastal grasslands, with caterpillars feeding on violet leaves and butterflies drinking the nectar of flowering plants. A collaborative habitat restoration and reintroduction program is helping to increase this butterfly population. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this beer will help fund conservation efforts for the Oregon Silverspot Butterfly.

Ingredient List:

              Pale Ale malt                                                               Meridian hops             

              Melanoidin malt                                                        Fuggle hops

              pure local water                                                         Sterling hops                           

              pure ale yeast                                  

Brewing Specifications:

13.7 degrees Plato

6 % by volume

55 IBU

Brilliant Gold