Tap It Tueday @ Cascade Brewing Barrel House

Cascade's Preston Weesner

Tonight’s Tap It Tuesday at 6 pm is Cherry Lemon Quad, a blend of Spiced Quad that was aged in Makers Mark Bourbon Barrels for over 12 months. Bing cherry from the Kriek blend was added to balance the spice, and Summer Gose to give a little brightness. You’ll note light bourbon and subtle spice on the nose. Sweet bourbon and cherry on the palate give way to a soft hint of lemon in the finish. This is a big one at 9.75% abv. Tap It Tuesday takes place every Tuesday at 6 pm at the Barrel House, 939 SE Belmont St.

Cascade Brewmaster Ron GansbergNew on tap in the Barrel House is Karma Citra, a mid-range NW style IPA that is not our re-emergence to the hop arms race, but rather a nice, simple Spring IPA with balanced hops all the way through. It’s made with Citra, Falconer Flight and Sorachi Ace hops, added in seven separate hop additions every 15 minutes from the start of the boil. Fresh hop and spice greet you on the nose with hints of toasted biscuit. A brisk hop bite of pine resin and grapefruit roll across the palate. The finish is a long slow hop burn that will lead you full circle to the beginning for another sip. This is a limited batch, so get your Karma soon.