Tap It Tuesday @ Cascade Brewing Barrel House

Cascade Brewing Barrel HouseTuesday’s Tap It Tuesday at 6pm is “Apple Pie.”  This live barrel of NW style sour blond ale was initially aged for six months in oak, then aged on Granny Smith apples for another two months.  It was then blended with vintage apple beer and additionally aged with Bourbon vanilla bean and Granada cinnamon.  Sweet notes of apple flesh with hints of cinnamon greet you in the nose.  Crisp apple skins and sweet malts with hints of lemon on the palate finish up with sharp apple tartness, cinnamon and a lingering essence of marshmallow with the last sip.  The slight hint of marshmallow in the finish is from the Bourbon vanilla bean.  Tap It Tuesday takes place every Tuesday at 6 pm at the Barrel House, 939 SE Belmont St.  Thanks to last week’s tapper, Ryan Hargrave, and holder, Jennifer Tierney.  Have you ever coveted the tapping role?  We usually ask regulars of the pub, so drinking more often at the Barrel House scores tapping points!

In other beer news, our Spring Pale will likely be on draft line today or tomorrow – at only 4.8%, this is a great session beer.  We’ll finish kegging off Nightfall, our NW style sour ale made with organic Chilean blackberries, early next week – it should be available in a month or so.  The last of the 2010 Sang Noir is currently on tap at the Barrel house, so get it while there’s still some left to be had.

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