Trumer Pils Tasting

We would like to welcome Daniel Wecker with Trumer Pils for a free tasting of this pretty remarkable lager that is fresh with its newest award from the Great American Brewer’s Festival; a gold in the German Pilsner category!

Trumer Pils is an Austrian Pilsner previously sold almost exclusively in the Austrian federal state of Salzburg. It is characterized by hoppy bitterness, high carbonation, and a light body.

In 2004, Trumer Brauerei opened a brewery in Berkeley, California, to reproduce for the American market the Trumer Pils it has brewed for 400 years in Austria. Trumer Pils is thus now widely available in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as Austria, Trumer Pils results from a partnership of two family-owned companies: Privatbrauerei Josef Sigl and The Gambrinus Company owned by Carlos Alvarez. Trumer Pils ships all ingredients from Austria to its Berkeley brewery, using all “traditional” ingredients but North American water from the high Sierra.

Since 2004 Trumer Pils has expanded to Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, San Diego and Phoenix metropolitan areas.

In April, 2008 Trumer Pils won the Gold medal at the World Beer Cup for Best German-style pilsner. An accomplishment for Trumer Pils following the Gold medal win at the last World Beer Cup competition in 2006. Winners were selected by an international panel of 129 beer experts from 22 countries judging 2,930 entries from 646 breweries in 58 countries. The World Beer Cup competition is a bi-annual event sponsored by the Brewers Association. (Wikipedia)