Upright Lager Night @ Apex

Join the Upright Brewing crew at one of Portland’s newest beer bars APEX on Wednesday October 6th for a night of Upright’s lagers all poured side-by-side on APEX’s 50 taps. This will be the first time these beers have been served together and should highlight the similarities and differences of each beer.

  • Engelberg Pilsener #1 (tettnanger) – our first lager, done German-style with a single malt (Canada Malting Pils) and single hop, named after Mt. Angel. 5.5% abv
  • Engelberg Pilsener #2 (hallertauer mittelfruh) – another single malt and hop pilsener with a different hop variety and balanced more on the bitter side. 5.25% abv
  • Unnamed Lager/Punk Rock brew – essentially a strong pilsener using three hop varieties. Fuller-bodied than both the Engelberg’s and with a nice balance. 6.75% abv
  • Redwood Lager – a smooth and malty dark amber lager made with 150 pounds of house-smoked barley malt utilizing redwood that was leftover from one of our tasting room tables and taster trays. 5.2% abv