Walking Man Brewpub's 11th Anniversary

November 16th – 20th at the Walking Man Brew Pub in Stevenson, Washington, from open till close

In celebration of their eleventh anniversary, Walking Man Brewing will release limited vintage and rare “one off” keg concoctions, as well as the new seasonal release of HIGH ROAD SCOTCH ALE!

Each night of the week, Wednesday till Saturday, the brewers will change up a number of the taps and feature several unique brews, from Big Beers to Sours, and from Stouts to IPAs. Special food pairings will also be featured each night to compliment the beer selection. On Sunday, the taps will be filled with whatever they have left and feel like drinking! Due to limited supply, growler fills unfortunately will not be available on a few select beers.  Walking Man invites all to come raise their glasses as a prost to ELEVEN YEARS OF BREWING!!

Some of the beers to be released include:

Wednesday 11/16

  • 2009 & 2010 Old Stumblefoot Barleywine Vintages
  • 2010 Sasquatch Legacy Project: Imperial Oatmeal Porter
  • 2011 High Road Scotch Ale (Available all nights of the week)
  • 2011 Rum Runner (High Road Scotch Ale aged on Rum infused oak spirals)

Thursday 11/17

  • Sour #1 (Sour Wheat Ale aged in oak barrels)
  • Sour #2  (Sour Ale aged on cherries in oak barrels and dry hopped with dried cherries)
  • Sour #3 (High Road Scotch Ale blended with oak barrel aged Sour Ale)
  • Sour #4 (Somnambulator blended with oak barrel aged Sour Ale)

Friday 11/18

  • 2008 & 2010 Jaywalker Russian Imperial Stout Vintages
  • 2008 Bourbon Barrel Jaywalker Russian Imperial Stout
  • 2010 Sasquatch Legacy Project: Imperial Oatmeal Porter
  • 2010 Porter Porter
  • 2011 Toasted Coconut Walking Stick Stout

Saturday 11/19

  • 2011 Ironman IPA
  • 2010 Portage Pale Ale
  • 2011 Sasquatch Legacy Project: Falconer’s Flight IPA
  • 2011 Big Phat Homo (Substantially dry hopped in the keg and aged on oak spirals)

Sunday 11/20

  • Whatever interesting mix of beers are left over!

Walking Man’s Anniversary Week Hours:

Wednesday  and Thursday 4pm-9pm

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 3pm-9pm

See the lineup at last year’s 10th anniversary celebration here.