Women Enjoying Beer Focus Group

Are you a women who enjoys beer? Do you know women who enjoy beer?

Then your help is need…

Women Enjoying Beer (WEB) of Ashland, Oregon, is hosting a focus group for women to talk about beer this Saturday at Old Market Pub & Brewery in Portland. WEB, founded by craft beer proponent Ginger Johnson, is coming to Portland to listen to women who are willing to talk about beer, their relationship to it, and all things surrounding that topic.

According to Johnson, the information given and shared by women who enjoy beer (however regularly or sporadically) helps the beer industry accurately develop and serve them. Johnson states “Women are 50.9% of the population and only 25 – 30% partake of beer. Why is that?”

Women interested can help by speaking up at this focus group. WEB gathers this information and works with the beer community to authentically market beer to women. The event is free, the first beer is provided by Women Enjoying Beer, and you are welcome to drink and nosh on the Pub’s tasty goods as you like through out the event.

* Where: Old Market Pub & Brewery, 6959 S W Multnomah Boulevard, Portland 503.244.2337

* When: 3 – 430 Saturday August 7th (please be prompt!)

* Who: Women who are willing to talk about beer

* Why: To help the beer community accurately market to women

Just bring yourself, a friend or two and be ready to talk about beer. This invite is viral as well – if you know other women who enjoy beer (other men who know women who enjoy beer too), by all means forward it along to them if you’re so inclined. The spread forward is greatly appreciated.