Eel River Brewing Releases Clarity Pineapple Hard Seltzer

Joining its seasonal lineup of Clarity Hard Seltzer is the new flavor or Clarity Pineapple. This limited time offering has a fruity aroma, juicy flavor and crisp finish.

Made with only three real ingredients, Clarity Pineapple uses a cold brewed fermentation process for a cleaner, natural hard sparkling water made by Eel River Brewing. Less ingredients means Eel River Brewing can be particular about what they use. Only the best ingredients are used in creating this 5% ABV, low carb, zero sugar, gluten free, 100 calorie hard sparkling water for a clean tasting fruit forward drink.

“The Clarity Pineapple is truly Summer in a can. It is bright and subtly sweet and exactly my go-to for the warmer weather.” explained Sales Manager, Marissa Vivatson, in a statement. “It reminds me of biting into a fresh and cold Maui Gold pineapple, which if that’s not the epitome of Summer adventures, I don’t what is.”

Listed below is the recipe for a Summer Sensation Cocktail that features Clarity Pineapple Hard Seltzer and Denny Bar Lemon Boulder Peak Vodka.

Eel River Brewing is America’s First Certified Organic Brewery. Learn more at or by following the brewery on Facebook or Instagram @eelriverbrewing.