Shiner Releases Straight Shooter Juicy Dill Pickle Hard Seltzer

Sometimes one can get very creative on a new beverage and knock it out of the park, while other times one may strike out. Spoetzl Brewery, best known for its Shiner Bock, recently expanded into the hard seltzer category with its Shiner Straight Shooter line.

Now the Shiner, Texas based beverage company launched a new, unique line extension with Straight Shooter Juicy Dill Pickle. Brewed and packaged for pickle fans everywhere, maybe even Portland’s beloved Dillon the Pickle, Shiner has canned a pickle hard seltzer that’s heavy on the dill!

We were hoping that this new Straight Shooter Juicy Dill Pickle would be the perfect companion to a dram of whiskey. Pickle backs pair quite nicely with a fine whiskey. Unfortunately the dill overwhelms all other flavors in this hard seltzer.

The flavor profile on Straight Shooter Juicy Dill Pickle comes from Shiner Brewmaster, Jimmy Mauric’s family recipe! It features a blend of sweet and sour dill pickle with notes of dill, coriander and spice. It does resemble the flavor profile of a dill pickle, just not sure if that’s a good thing or not. Straight Shooter Juicy Dill Pickle sits at a sessionable 4.5% ABV.

If just thinking about this Juicy Dill Pickle is not strange enough, the fine folks at Shiner has created a magical, animated pickle that may just tell your future. Each can of this special edition seltzer has a QR code on it which will take the user to where they can ask the all-knowing pickle their burning questions.

Straight Shooter Juicy Dill Pickle is available in 6-pack, 12oz cans at a suggested retail of $7.99. It’s in limited release and can be found in TX, FL, LA, AR, GA, PA, OK, KS, IL, WI, ND, SD, NM, and NV.

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