Nectar Creek to Close and Cease Operations on October 5, 2019

A display of Nectar Creek Mead at the now shuttered Mead Market in Portland.

Founded in 2012 by brothers Phillip and Nick Lorenz, Nectar Creek took mead to a new height. Well technically a smaller one as the brothers focused on producing Session Meads, ones that contained less than 10% ABV and are carbonated. These lower abv meads became a hit with both beer and cider drinkers. Nectar Creek meads definitely made us take on a newfound appreciation of what mead can be.

During the spring of 2015, Nectar Creek was awarded gold, silver and bronze medals in the dry session mead category, sweeping an entire category at the world’s largest mead competition, The Mazer Cup International.

Then in January 2018, Nectar Creek relocated to nearby Philomath and opened a new 5,000 sq. ft. production facility with a 1,500 sq. ft. restaurant and taproom and a 2,000 sq. ft. patio.

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Unfortunately, 21 months after opening this expansion in Philomath, Nectar Creek will close its taproom and cease operations on Saturday, October 5, 2019.

Here’s the message that Nectar Creek posted on its Facebook Page today…

With much sadness we are writing to let you all know that Saturday October 5th, 2019 will be the last day our Tap Room will be open and Nectar Creek will be operational.

We started this company seven years ago with the mission to grow the mead category and have a positive impact on the communities, environment, and people we interact with while operating our business. Although this is not the way we hoped things would end, we can look back and feel nothing but appreciation as we reflect on the endless support we have gotten and the excitement around Nectar Creek. We want to say thank you to all our employees, to all our customers, all of our dedicated fans and all of our business partners. Without their dedicated support we would not be able to look back on the past seven years and reflect on them as a success. Thank you to everyone who has put their heart and soul into Nectar Creek and made it possible for us to have achieved
so much.

To celebrate, we will have delicious mead, amazing food and great people in our Tap Room all week. Come by to stock up on mead, find some specialty products and bottles for sale and join us for a culmination of tears and joy ending with a big party on Saturday!

Lots of love to you all for making what we have been able to accomplish possible!

Nectar Creek 2015 Mazer Cup Medals

For those that are interested in one last visit, Nectar Creek is located at 500 Main Street in Philomath, OR.