Nectar Creek Wins Big at the World’s Largest Mead Competition

Nectar Creek 2015 Mazer Cup Medals
Corvallis, Ore. (March 24, 2015)Nectar Creek Mead brought home two gold medals at the Mazer Cup International in Colorado this past weekend, and was the only company joined Rabbits Foot Meadery be the only two companies to sweep an entire category. The big win at the world’s largest mead competition is helping to establish the Corvallis, Ore.-based meadery as a national leader in the fast-growing category.

Nectar Creek swept the “Dry Session Mead” category at this year’s Mazer Cup, bringing home a gold medal for Sting – ginger session mead, silver for Waggle – wildflower session mead, and bronze for Honeycone – hop session mead. Nectar Creek also won a gold medal for Reserve #3, a blueberry and black currant mead aged in pinot noir barrels, in the “Specialty Dry” Category.

Mazer Cup International is the largest mead competition in the world and is held in Colorado every spring. The number of entries into the mead competition at Mazer Cup has grown significantly every year, aligning with a growing national awareness of mead. Nectar Creek Logo

“We are lucky to have such a dedicated team that is receiving well deserved recognition for their hard work towards producing top quality products,” said Nectar Creek Co-Founder Nick Lorenz. “In a similar light, we are excited and lucky to be a part of the early years of the mead category. There is a lot of great energy behind the development and continual growth of the commercial mead industry.”

Nectar Creek can be found readily throughout Oregon at bars, restaurants and grocery stores, such as Whole Foods, New Seasons, Market of Choice and BevMo!. This year Nectar Creek is growing production capacity and distribution, expanding into Washington, California and Idaho, with plans to expand to Alaska, Texas and Minnesota this year, as well.

Award Details:
Category: “Dry Session Mead”
Gold: Sting – Ginger Session Mead
Silver: Waggle – Wildflower Session Mead
Bronze: Honeycone – Hop Session Mead

Category: “Specialty (Open Category) Dry”
Gold: Reserve Series #3

About Nectar Creek
Nectar Creek Mead opened in Corvallis, Oregon, in the fall of 2012 and has added depth to Oregon’s craft fermentation scene. Mead, which is not a wine, beer or cider, is its own category of alcohol that is defined by the fermentation of honey, and Nectar Creek is establishing themselves as a national leader in the category. With a focus on making effervescent, sessionable, dry mead, all of Nectar Creek’s products start with a similar foundation: 100% pure raw honey sourced directly from sustainable beekeepers.

Nectar Creek has deep roots in the Willamette Valley and was founded by two brothers who are native to the area. Brothers Phillip and Nick Lorenz started Nectar Creek pursuing a dream to continue the brewing and agricultural heritage of the Pacific Northwest. For seven years before starting Nectar Creek, Phillip was the foreman of nearly 5,000 bee hives at Queen Bee Apiary and at the same time was growing his own collection of bee hives. With a background in beekeeping and a passion for fermentation, the Lorenz brothers married their two interests and started Nectar Creek.