Crux Fermentation Project Rebrands its NØMØ Lineup of Non-Alcoholic Beer

The brand refresh of NØMØ Non-Alcoholic Beer from Crux Fermentation Project. (image courtesy of Crux Fermentation Project)

After launching its NØMØ Non-Alcoholic Beer three years ago, Crux Fermentation Project has completely rebranded its lineup of non-alcoholic beers. The new packaging will see new names alongside striking outdoor-themed labeling that will begin hitting store shelves this month!

The new names bring forth a stronger sense of imaging and creativity. Under the NØMØ umbrella, NØMØ IPA has been renamed River Refresher IPA, Hazy NØMØ IPA is now named Sunset Summit Hazy IPA, and the new Galaxy Gazer IPA kicks off a new rotational series of NØMØ Non-Alcoholic Beers. Each is an homage to the adventurous spirit of Central Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, which is exactly what Crux had in mind when it launched its line of non-alcoholic brews.

Scenes on the new NØMØ 12-ounce cans are a nod to Central Oregon’s outdoor adventure. Something similar in the core lineup of beers from Deschutes Brewery.

Created by Bend artist Jacob “Spring Break Jake” Kenobi in partnership with Flask Agency, each label highlights a beer-drinking occasion made better by a great N/A Brew. River Refresher IPA features a scene inspired by Tumalo Falls, the design of Sunset Summit Hazy IPA was inspired by the rock climbing of Smith Rock, and Galaxy Gazer was inspired by star-filled summer nights over the Cascade Range.

Crux’s rebrand corresponds to the growing non-alcoholic brew segment in the craft brewing industry. Collectively, the NØMØ line of non-alcoholic brews is the top-selling segment in Crux’s portfolio.

“Developing NØMØ was an adventure of its own and required exploring different fermentation methods to bring a non-alcoholic brew to market that gave a true craft beer drinking experience,” said Ashley Picerno, Crux Fermentation Project’s branding and marketing manager. “With this new branding, we wanted to capture the thinking that went into creating NØMØ. A brew that doesn’t sacrifice flavor and that Northwest-inspired adventure-seekers can enjoy while living an active lifestyle to its fullest.”

“I was already a huge fan of NØMØ beers, so I was super excited when asked to create the artwork for the new line,” said Kenobi, who was also an illustrator for the Bend Ale Trail Passport. “Crux is rooted in Central Oregon. So we sought to create labels that convey a sense of place and adventure, which is something that NØMØ pairs perfectly with.”

Here’s a rundown on the current NØMØ lineup with descriptions from Crux.

River Refresher IPA (Formerly NØMØ IPA): 
Is there anything more refreshing than a day on the river? Whether you are kayaking, paddle boarding, or resting your feet after a hike, the cool water always brings you back to the moment. The OG NØMØ, River Refresher IPA is a satisfying non-alcoholic brew with tropical & citrusy flavors that won’t leave you feeling like you’re “paddling upstream.” From a mid-adventure break to celebrating the end of a sun-filled day, NØMØ River Refresher IPA is a brew ready to adventure with you.
Hops: Citra & Mosaic
Flavor notes: Tropical & Citrus
ABV: Contains Less Than 0.5% Alc/Vol
Availability: Year Round

Sunset Summit Hazy IPA (Formerly Hazy NØMØ IPA):
If you’ve ever climbed, hiked, or biked to watch a sunset, you know it’s the perfect time for a cold, refreshing brew. Sunset Summit Hazy IPA captures that moment in a non-alcoholic brew that certainly won’t leave you feeling “hazy” for your descent. Tropical with a hint of coconut notes, Sunset Summit Hazy IPA will help take any sunset view from ordinary to extraordinary.
Hops: Sabro & BRU-1 Hops
Flavor notes: Tropical with hints of coconut
ABV: Contains Less Than 0.5% Alc/Vol
Availability: Year Round

Galaxy Gazer IPA (Part of the NØMØ Rotator Series):
Central Oregon’s dark, clear skies make stargazing an awe-inspiring experience – just like Crux’s Galaxy Gazer IPA. With tropical, fruity flavors, slightly piney notes, and mild bitterness from Galaxy hops, Galaxy Gazer IPA is the perfect partner for a star-filled nighttime adventure. Whether you are hiking to watch the Milky Way over the Cascade mountains or out to the desert to watch the latest meteor shower, grab a NØMØ!
Hops:  Galaxy
Flavor notes: Tropical fruits and slightly piney
ABV: Contains Less Than 0.5% Alc/Vol
Availability: May through September

Then come September, Crux is set to release Feeling Fresh, a non-alcoholic Fresh Hop IPA. For more information visit

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