Founders Brewing Enters the Hop Water Market with Hoppy Mood Hopwater

After initially launching in its home market of Michigan, Founders Brewing Co. is now expanding its first non-alcoholic offering, Hoppy Mood Hopwater, nationwide. 

Just as other breweries have done before them, Founders Brewing has crafted a flavorful hop water that has their own special touch. Beyond producing a beverage that can cater the non-drinking crowd, Hoppy Mood is also a great refreshing zero alcohol, zero calorie beverage. It’s a beverage that can be enjoyed anywhere at any time without any of the restrictions that a full-fledged beer can be part of.

Hoppy Mood offers a crisp and refreshing flavor through the use of infused botanical terpenes. The use of these terpenes enhances the hop flavors of grapefruit, tropical fruit, and a bit of pine.

Though Hoppy Mood is not a beer, it is made in a similar fashion. First, the brew team at Founder’s removes all the oxygen from its treated brewing water. Then they brewers adjust the pH with citric acid to add a touch of sourness to get the optimal flavor extraction from the hops. Next Mosaic, Amarillo, and Simcoe hops steep in the tank for several days.

Then once all the desired fruity and piney aromas are extracted from the hops, the brewers remove them and add a small, but potent, number of natural terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found naturally in many familiar plants and fruits – such as lavender, basil, blueberries, lemon, hops, and cannabis.

With Hoppy Mood, the brewers add natural terpenes that give grapefruit and pine flavors. These flavors, coupled with those from the hops make for quite an exciting drinking experience. It’s one that is quite satisfying!

“I’m a big hop fan, so it’s great having a beverage that has all those wonderful aromas and flavors but is refreshing and light on the palate,” stated Jeremy Kosmicki, our Brewmaster.

Hoppy Mood is arriving on store shelves across the country in 6-pack cans. Look for Hoppy Mood near you via Founders Beer Finder.

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