Shiner Beer Enters the Non-Alcoholic Market with Rode0

Late last year, Spoetzl Brewery, the makers of Shiner Bock, entered the non-alcoholic beer market with its tasty Rode0 Golden Brew. This new N/A beer is available in limited markets with an expansion set for this year, including additional Rode0 styles.

Styled after a classic American lager, this light and refreshing brew offers crisp and malty notes that are perfectly balanced by delicate esters and a gentle hop profile. Despite the lack of alcohol, the taste and aroma Shiner is known for are not compromised. Shiner Rode0 Golden Brew has an ABV of less than 0.5 %.

In 2023, sales of non-alcoholic beer increased by over seventeen percent in Texas and 23% percent in the U.S from the year prior (IRI: 7/16/2023). Noticing the increase in demand for non-alcoholic alternatives, Shiner became inspired to expand into the non-alcoholic space and develop a full line of craft-brewed styles. The Rode0 collection will expand next year first with the introduction of a red amber non-alcoholic beer. 

“Fans of Shiner have consistently requested non-alcoholic options to complement our more traditional beers,” says Tom Fiorenzi, Director of Brewery & Distillery Operations, in a statement. “We’re proud to introduce the first of three non-alcoholic brews to our fans. Brewed using the same method as our iconic Shiner beers, the Shiner Rode0 line is authentically Shiner, just without the alcohol.” 

The introduction of this new non-alcoholic line is the latest move from the ever-evolving Shiner brand. For more information please visit

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