Vida Maté arrives in the Pacific Northwest from Schilling Cider

Vida Maté from Schilling Cider is packaged in three flavors – Lemon Mint, Blackberry Lemonade, and Mango Lime,
Vida Maté from Schilling Cider is packaged in three flavors – Lemon Mint, Blackberry Lemonade, and Mango Lime.

When seeking out a non-alcoholic option that contains a caffeinated kick, one option is the new line of Vida Maté. Crafted by Schilling Cider, the new Vida Maté is new line of low-calorie, non-alcoholic yerba maté beverages that seek to transform the caffeine experience.

Vida Maté is made with real fruit juices and a proprietary blend of adaptogens. The result is a refreshing, delicious alternative to sugary coffee drinks and artificially flavored caffeine-in-a-can.  With operations based in Seattle and Portland, the Schilling team is excited to debut this new plant-powered pick-me-up, made exclusively with naturally occurring caffeine.

“Schilling Cider has been my passion since we started the company in 2012, and we’re bringing the same enthusiasm and craftsmanship to Vida Maté,” said Colin Schilling.

Vida Maté fits the gluten-free and vegan-friendly lifestyle, offering a boost in vitality and focus through a functional blend of adaptogens: Vitamin B12 for a power boost, L-Theanine for focus, and GABA for stress relief combine to ensure a clean, jitter-free delivery of caffeine with no unpleasant crashes.

Launching with three flavors – Lemon Mint, Mango Lime, and Blackberry Lemonade – Vida Maté are available in 16 oz cans at grocery, convenience, and natural food stores across the Pacific Northwest.

image courtesy of Vida Maté
image courtesy of Vida Maté

“Innovating in healthful, refreshing beverages is our calling,” says Colin. “This starts with the same quality and techniques we bring to crafting our fresh-pressed apple cider. It’s exciting to push those boundaries into the yerba maté segment. Consumers are demanding delicious, healthier options made right here in their backyard, and we can’t wait to share Vida Maté with our community.”

While other canned yerba maté drinks depend on a formula that involves non-yerba maté derived, and synthetically produced caffeine; Vida Maté’s caffeine occurs naturally and comes 100% from yerba maté. And because Vida Maté is made from real fruit juice, it’s not overly sweet and it’s lower in calories and sugar.

The team at Schilling has long enjoyed traditional yerba mate drinks, before launching their own. Yerba Maté is a plant indigenous to South America. The leaves and twigs are dried, dried over a fire, and then steeped in hot water for an invigorating tea.

To encourage discovery, Vida Maté will deploy QR code technology on every can, asking consumers to tell their story. Starting this spring, the brand will set up samplings around major cities, college campuses, and select outdoor festivals as the brand seeks to convince the Pacific Northwest to trade its latte for a maté.

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