16 Tons Proud To Serve 16 Honest Ounces

16 Tons New Honest Pint Glass

Much like the fine pubs of Portland like Belmont Station, the Horse Brass, and Bailey’s Taproom, Eugene’s 16 Tons knows and appreciates the value of getting what you pay for, especially when it comes to a pint of beer…an honest pint. Co-founder Mike Coplin says “We are proud to introduce proper and honest pints at 16 Tons,” adding: “To our knowledge, we are the first place in Eugene to offer a certified 16-ounce pint.”  On February 8, Kevin Williams, of the Eugene beer blog BeerandCoding.com, visited 16 Tons and confirmed with his “highly calibrated measuring device” that he indeed received a legitimate pint of beer. The 16 Tons Honest Pint logo was designed by Ted Sobel of Brewer’s Union Pub in Oakridge. Until now, according to these folks, Brewer’s Union served the only certified honest pint in the area.

Fat bottomed shakers, you make the cheater pint world go 'roundMany establishments in Eugene use 16-ounce “shaker” glasses and perhaps even more use 14-ounce “cheater-pints”. Even with a 16oz glass it is nearly impossible to fill it with a full pint of liquid because of the foam and spillage. The 16 Tons 20-ounce Nonic glass has a pour line for full pints and half pints. “When you buy a pint at 16 Tons you can take home the glass for $3,” says Coplin. “We will also sell our glassware to other establishments interested in serving honest pints.”

For more info on the Honest Pint Project: http://honestpintproject.org/