4th of July Weekend in Review

Fourth of July weekend was a three day affair. Since the holiday itself fell on a Sunday this year, many folks, like us, took Monday off as well. Friday evening we made a trip out to Saraveza to pick up our tickets for the five day Imperial IPA Festival that Brewpublic is sponsoring (July 14-18). If you haven’t heard about it yet, check out the poster below.

Saraveza is always a great place to share beers with old friends and make new friends along the way. Here we caught up with our friend Tyler “The Elder” Vickers who poured a unique sampler tray of brews for our table.

The day light hours on this particular day were capped by a beautiful sunset that we couldn’t help but admire.

After our fun stop at Saraveza, we headed over to Coalition Brewing to try a new Stout that just went on tap. It was robust with notes of coffee and chocolate. Here, we got a tour of the brewery from co-founders Elan Walsky and Kiley Hoyt. We are certain that Coalition will do well in Portland, with great beer, delicious food, and friendly staff, it seems inevitable.

On Saturday July 3, Heater Allen brewmaster Rick Allen came to Portland from McMinnville with kegs of his delicious German-style lagers for a special event at The BeerMongers. Allen’s IsarWeizen hefe, Dunkel, and Coastal Common poured on tap in addition to bottle pours of his crisp and refreshing Pilsner. It was a treat to have all of these great beers pouring at one time.

Rick Allen

On the 4th, we celebrated Margaret’s birthday with a few friends by the barby with a variety of beers including some tasty homebrews our friend Seany Wonton brought by.

At sundown, we visited our bros at The BeerMongers and blew stuff up in true American fashion.

To be continued…

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