Agrarian Ales of Eugene Launches in Portland at Belmont Station

Agrarian Ales

It’s been a long time coming, but at last, Agrarian Ales of Eugene, Oregon is ready to launch their beer to the Portland market on February 23, 2013 at Belmont Station.

Hop Valley Brewing crew sampling Tilley's Chili Beer during Eugene Beer Week“We are stoked to introduce Agrarian Ales for their Portland debut.” says Belmont Station‘s Holly Emery-Walen, adding “This Eugene area brewery is new to the scene, but the people that comprise it are not.” 

Ben Tilley and Tobias Schock, both former brewers with Hop Valley Brewing of Springfield, will be on hand at the event sharing their unique beers .  “Most of us are only familiar with large craft breweries that brew “estate” beers, meaning that the ingredients are harvested on their land and brewed there” says Emery-Walen. “Agrarian Ales breaks this notion down. They are a small brewery that has prioritized quality of ingredients, environmentally conscious practices, and historic styles of beer.” 

Here’s more on Agrarian Ales, this forthcoming event, and a look at the beers to be featured, from an email sent recently out by Belmont Station:

Beers from Agrarian Ales of Eugene, ORA true artisan brewery, rooted in Belgian and French farmhouse styles, they planted 10 varieties of Pacific Northwest hops on their family farm. They transformed their 1940’s era dairy barn into a modern, artisanal brewery. With an abundance of well water, they incorporate certified organic grains, use estate hops and herbs that are hand-picked on the farm and pitch yeast from around the world.   This is an event that you do not want to miss, as their beers are not widely available here in Portland.
We’lll pour these four Agrarian Ales, described in their words:

1. Chronic D’ Aphotic– Chronic D’ Aphotic is our dark winter offering combining five of our farm’s most resinous hop varieties with organic oats and organic German roasted malt for a full bodied hoppy delight.  Chronic D’ Aphotic literally means the perpetual state of a complete absence of light, so cheers to the sunlight coming back to us again!

2. Apricity– With a simple, clean base of organic pils and pale malts, and a restrained hand on hopping, we let the Belgian Saison yeast shine in this tradition-inspired golden ale. Aromas of spice and
stone fruit seem to jump right out of the glass at you, drawing you into its enveloping realm of complex fruit, malt, and spice flavors. Dry yet rich, Apricity is sure to live up to its definition: the warmth of the sun in winter.

3. Belgene– Belgene is the name of our rotating series, generally in the lines of a hoppy saison. On this day we’ll debut the brand new seasonal saison.

4. Poblamo!-Poblamo! is the latest in our farm bounty lineup, utilizing freshly roasted Poblano chiles straight from the field. Infused into a base of a malty amber session ale, the roasted notes of the chiles dominate the aroma of this beer. The depth of maltiness and rich fruity flavors provide a solid canvas to present the bold flavor profile of the Poblanos. While having a lively tingle on the tongue, the heat level remains subdued and pleasant the whole glass through.

Belmont Station is located at 4500 SE Stark Street in Portland, Oregon. This event will take place on February 23, 2013 from 4-8 p.m.



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