An "Un-yuzu-al" Brew

In honor of his 100th brew as the head brewer for Eugene City Brewing, Nate Sampson is brewing an extra pale ale flavored with yuzu fruit for Track Town Ales. Yuzu is a small Japanese citrus with mandarin and grapefruit flavors. Nate’s Yuzu Pale is a light summer session beer with subtle tangy tartness imparted by the yuzu.

After spending the last 22 years studying and working in the field of microbiology, Nate realized his true passion is brewing beer. He started home brewing in 1992, and became the President of the Cascade Brewers Society home brewing club which met once a month in the Tiki room at Eugene City Brewery. In 2009 Nate moved from the Tiki room to the brewery and became master brewer for Track Town Ales.Today he celebrates his 100th batch as a professional brewer in unusual style.

Nate’s 100th brew will be available at Eugene City Brewery 844 Olive Street in downtown Eugene, Oregon.
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