Belmont Station is a place thAbram Goldman-Armstrong (left) and Shawn Kelso of Barley Brown'sat feels like an never ending craft beer festival. Every night of the week there’s something going on in the Bier Cafe and the bottleshop. More than 1400 bottles of beer and nearly twenty rotating draught selections to choose from. Perhaps the most badass of all of their events is BIGGER, BADDER, BLACKER! This week long celebration of, as the title indicates, bold and behemoth dark brews, hosts some of the most coveted pitchy pours in the world.

If you missed the kickoff last night, you missed the initial “Descent into Darkness”, including rockstar brewer Shawn Kelso of Barley Brown’s (soon to be with 10 Barrel Brewing) unleashing two muscular brutes – BB’s Anniversary Ale simply known as “13” and his 2010 Great American Beer Festival gold medal winning Turmoil CDA. In addition the Station was gracing the people with these two highly sought after dark ales, they also unveiled a Mikkeller Tequila Barrel-aged Black Hole alongside a Peated Whisky Barrel-aged Black Hole. Still not sated? How about some Laurelwood Moose & Squirrel Imperial Stout, New Belgium Clutch (sour Belgian style stout), or Deschutes Black Butte XXI (yes, from 2009). But don’t fret, for this, my friends, is just the tip of the big black iceberg.Don’t miss the rest of BIGGER, BADDER, BLACKER! Here’s the scoop from Belmont Station:

Full Sail brewmaster John Harris at GABF 2011* WED JAN 25 5 – 7 PM Full Sail Barrel-aged night. Brewmaster John Harris will tap 3 Barrel-aged beers: Top Sail Imperial Porter 2010, Black Gold Imperial Stout 2011, and the brand new Top Sail 2012

* THURS 26 Brewdog Arran Whisky Barrel Paradox and Evil Twin Ashtray Heart tapping

* FRI JAN 27 Fort George Stout Night. As a prelude to this Astoria Brewer’s Stout Month in February they will debut four of the best here: Maker’s Mark Barrel-aged Cavatica, Spank (Pepper) Stout, Mexican Chocolate Stout, and Squashed Stout (with Butternut Squash).
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* SAT JAN 28 @ Noon EMELISSE Russian Imperial Stout tapping: We’ll tap the regular version of this wonderful Imperial Stout from the Netherlands alongside the same beer aged in Jack Daniels Barrels.

* SUN JAN 29 @ Noon BLOCK 15 Imagine tapping. A very limited amount of this bourbon barrel aged Imperial Belgian style stout is available.

Belmont Station is located at 4500 SE Stark Street in Portland, Oregon. For more information, visit their website at or call (503) 232-8538. Cheers!