Block 15 Spring Wheat

Block 15 Spring Wheat

Block 15  Brewery has been a positive force in the  Oregon brew scene of late and we are pleased to discover a new Spring Wheat Ale flowing at the Corvallis brewhouse. Brewer and founder Nick Arzner provided us with the following information on this refreshing seasonally appropriate offering:

“Our spring seasonal wheat ale brewed with malted barley & wheat, locally gathered chicory honey, Sorachi Ace & Amarillo hops. Pours a cloudy bright golden glass with a thick white head. Delicate aromas of lemon peel, orange and honey with a nice crisp flavors and smooth finish. Similiar to running through a field of blooming honeysuckles. Presented in our .5L imported Weizen glas ware. 5.5%alc/vol 25IBU’s.”

Guess it might be time for another quick road trip to Corvallis. Arzner is soon off to Belgium to obtain more inspiration for his brewery (like he needs it). Look for a future post from him. Prost!

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