Cascadian Revolution Latest in Coalition's Coalator Series

Ever since Coalition Brewing opened their doors and beers to the public this past June, they’ve been committed to fostering an environment of community. This doesn’t just equate to the brewery and public house providing their neighborhood near Southeast 28th Avenue and Ankeny with flavorsome microbrews and house-made food items. Through their Coalator Program, Coalition brewers Bruce MacPhee and Elan Walsky have reached out to a community filled with talented homebrewers in order to allow for a broader audience to experience particular recipes brewed on their smaller pilot system. In many ways, it is like a scaled down and more frequently releasing Collaborator Series you may be familiar with by Widmer Brothers Brewing.

The latest release in the Coalator Program is a brew by Ritch Marvin. Known to some for being a posterboy for a recent Supporters of Native Oregon Beer (S.N.O.B.) poster, Marvin is an accomplished homebrewer. This Cascadian Dark Ale recipe to be release on September 30th at Coalition’s pub was a recipe developed by Marvin and Jimmy Blum, another skilled homebrewer. In fact, the two teamed up to win a medal at 2010’s Portland’s Cheers To Belgian Beers homebrewing competition. Here’s more from Marvin’s on his Coalator brew from a New School blog post:

Cascadian Revolution” was originally created earlier this year when “Swine Flu” Jimmy Blum and I wanted to try our hand at making a style of beer that we both loved. We scratched out a recipe and brewed it up at my house. I’m not sure that the original beer could be replicated since we used a lot of miscellaneous hops that we had left over from other brew projects. Also, two days into fermentation, I came home to a blown airlock. There was beer on the ceiling, floor, and walls, the Pacman Yeast was going crazy! I just replaced the airlock and hoped for the best. Well, when the beer was finished, we loved it and got many compliments on it. We also entered the beer into the open “Northwest” category of the Slurp and Burp Homebrew contest and got a bronze (I think we would have done better had the beer been a bit fresher since some of the hops had dropped out). I brewed the beer again recently with a different hop schedule and yeast, but thought it was a bit too roasty. So, the beer that I brewed for Coalition has been modified from the original, cutting back on the roasted malts. I think the Coalition “Cascadian Revolution” is true to the CDA style. This beer pours black with the body and hop profile of an IPA and a strong hop nose. If you were to drink this beer blindfolded, you might think it was an IPA if not for a hint of roastiness. The grain bill includes two row American Pale, Carafa II Black malt, and Crystal 120. It has five different hops added (including some fresh hops) in eight different additions, with Simcoe and Amarillo dominating. I hope you like it.

Coalition Brewing‘s Pub is located at 2724 SE Ankeny Street in Portland, Oregon. For more information, call (503) 894-8080.