Double Mountain's Four Horsemen Series Releases in Portland

Double Mountain Brewmaster Matt Swihart
Here is some information about an upcoming event this Friday, April 12, 2013 at Bazi Bierbrasserie in Portland. Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom of Hood River will bring their new series of Belgian beers known as “The Four Horsemen” to town. This lineup has been available at the taproom for some time, but this particular event marks the first time that they can all be enjoyed together in Portland. Here is what Double Mountain Brewmaster Matt Swihart has to say about his grand project:
Double Mountain's Matt SwihartThe Four Horsemen beers is the latest resurrection of my interest in working with the LaChouffe yeast from Ardennes, Belgium. This particular yeast throws a very nice fruity/estery character without the big phenolic hit I get off many of the other Belgium yeasts used in their strong beers. Most winter seasons, I like to pick a
Belgian yeast and build a variety of beers to display the characteristics of the fermentation. While planning out this year, originally just 3 strong Belgian beers (blond, red, and a dark) the brewers were touring a few breweries and pubs in Portland and we were discussing what the Ardennes series should be all about. There is a famous line of Belgian Double Mountaindraft horses, called Ardennes, and we were discussing building the beer series around these giant horses, when Greg suggested the horse and rider concept evolving out of The Book of Revelations…. a rider and horse is released with each of the first four seals opened prior to Judgement Day. We jumped on that idea, and had the brewers each design a beer, with a brewer being the operative figure opening the seals at the end of times and releasing, war, famine, pestilence, judgement and death! What fun!
Double Mountain brewers Kyle Larsen (left) and Matt Swihart enjoy beers at APEXIn truth, I formulated the first two beers, White Rider of Conquest and Red War, and then Colin and Matt C. designed Black Famine, Greg and Kyle batted a home run and formulated The Pale Death.
Bottled conditioned versions of all four beers will be available for sale in the pub starting Friday as well. The beers served as a grand experiment in bringing our bottle conditioning program on line and are the first in a line of future specialty beers to come out the brewery.
Beer Descriptions:
WHITE RIDER OF CONQUEST: Strong Belgian-style Blonde Ale
A big, golden-hued flavor bomb with heady alcohol and silky mouthfeel. Abundantly estery yeast notes underpinned by enticing hoppiness. “Perilously drinkable” (to cop a phrase from Michael Jackson, the Beer Hunter). First of the “Four Horsemen” series.
8.7% ABV, 29 BU

RED WAR: Strong Belgian-style Red Ale
A big yet very approachable beer. Lots of fruity complexity (banana, cherry, apricot), without a lot of the smoky phenols and higher alcohol notes of many Belgian ale strains. The fermentation finished dry, but with residual sweetness from a blend of light and dark crystal malts. Installment #2 in “Four Horsemen” series.
8.4% ABV, 30 BU

BLACK FAMINE: Belgian-style Quad
The third in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse series, Famine brings you closer to the dark side. Black and chocolate malts were used sparingly so as to not get in the way of the wonderful dark fruit esters characteristic to the Ardennes yeast strain. The nose gives you toffee, dark fruit, and raisin, while a creamy vanilla rounds out the middle. Fruit and ripe banana flavors hang on the tongue, finishing bright.
8.5% ABV, 40 BU

PALE DEATH: Strong Belgian-Style Imperial IPA
A single hop beer using a huge amount of Mosaic hops with a large dry-hop addition gives a great aroma of Kiwi, mango, and pineapple with spiciness from the Ardennes yeast (coriander, orange peel). Flavors of orange and mango are balanced by danky(garlic/onion notes), subtle yeast and an alcohol warming. Well balanced malt flavor and dry finish.
9.3% ABV, 75 BU

The event will run from 5-9pm, or while supplies last. All other event details can be found at the Facebook event paget:
Hope to see you there and please contact me with any questions.